April Snow

It is beautiful. And if you look closely, you can see buds on the trees in the distance. But it is April. Beneath the snow in my yard is grass that needs mowing.

Self Portrait with Sunflowers

Never have I had much success growing sunflowers. No success, actually. Until this summer. I planted seeds into the earth and look:

Meanwhile, the tomatoes, jalapenos, basil and eggplant which have all thrived in summers past, are doing quite poorly.
But the zinnias are doing well and bring me great joy as does the butterfly bush, both of which attract tiger swallowtail and hummingbirds.

The Back Steps

This photo cracks me up.
It is from this past Thursday.
The month of May is getting the gardens ready month.
So the back steps become an outdoor mud-room.
And Freddy and Nadine become a part of the garden party.
Busy rototilling, fertilizing, building a new arbor, and soon I will be planting.